Taftoon Bar & Kitchen brings to you a Christmas Menu, enticing you with a joyful spirit!


This Christmas, the luxe restaurant offers you an immersive dining experience with their thoughtfully curated Christmas Raan and some cheery cocktails, to clink your glasses to!

As the Christmas Carols and Santa’s sleigh pave their way to mark this joyous time of the year, Taftoon Bar & Kitchen brings to you an exclusive Christmas menu, brimming with flavours of the celebratory season. With a carefully curated menu by Chef Chetan, this contemporary feast evokes occidental sentiments bound with the Indianness of the spices, that can transport you the blissful aura of Christmas. Exquisitely amalgamating the essence of the regions from the Grand Trunk Road with the famous European Roast, blending it all seamlessly into the season’s spirit, Taftoon Bar & Kitchen has introduced a unique “Christmas Raan” with a truly rich and scrumptious spread for the festival.

When we asked the Founder Pankaj Gupta about the inspiration behind this version of the Raan, he takes us to a trip down the memory lane; going back to his year-end travels to Europe and goes on to say: “The classic European Christmas Roast is filled with flavours of both herbs and nostalgia. Served with roasted potatoes, carrots along with a leg of slow-roasted lamb, this timeless Christmas delicacy deserved to be explored some more. We stand true to our love for Indian flavours in every dish we curate, so how could this Raan be an exception? The goal was to imbibe Indian flavours in this European Raan, bringing the best of both worlds together for our beloved food fanatics who visit our restaurant to explore the out of the ordinary delicacies.”

Cooked in a slow-charred Tandoor till the lamb reaches a fall-off-the-bone stage, finished with Lamb Stock, simmering in the richness of red wine, flavoured with rosemary; this delicacy is accompanied with exotic veggies, Jacket potatoes, Mutton Yakhni Rice and the delicious Kashmiri Girda bread; together present a gigantic meal to relish this Christmas.

The Christmas menu also includes 3 delightful cocktails curated by the Manager & Bar Mixologist: Rohit Arawandekar. Rohit’s first thought on curating the cocktails was: how can Christmas be complete without some Champagne, right? But this year, after everything it has been; calls for Champagne with a twist and the Champagne Holiday Punch does exactly that! Prepared with fresh strawberry and some stiff Vodka, this sweet & sour mix is topped with Champagne, and some crushed black pepper to add some punch to this scrumptious cocktail. Adding some more spice to satiate your tastebuds, they bring to you the Spiced Rumhattan, a cocktail consisting of Spiced dark rum, Martini Rosso, some good ‘ol homemade raisin syrup, garnished with rum cake. If a Christmas feast cannot be complete without some merry Jingles, why would their cocktail menu be any different? The 3rd cocktail is called the Jingle Juggle, with a Bourbon base, some spiced Kahwa, topped with Irish cream and candy sprinkles to give you all the holiday feels you can handle, gifting you with a Christmas Feasting experience to treasure and set the holiday bar sky-high, for the years to follow!

What: Taftoon Bar & Kitchen brings to you a Christmas Menu that will leave you feeling all sorts of festive

When: 18th December to 5th January

Where: Taftoon Bar and Kitchen,BKC


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