Garlic Pepper Chicken recipe by Chef Jiwan Singh – Executive Chef, Spice Market, Kolkata


Spice Market is dedicated to commemorating the deep-rooted history of spices and flavors through its trailblazing menu, featuring dishes that kindle the sensation and relish defined by centuries of trade among different communities. It offers the absolute best of Mughlai, Indian, and Chinese cuisines, each of which entails a synthesis of assorted spices. Getting the taste of different cuisines under one roof is the best thing about this place. Along with food Spice market is also serving delectable cocktails which will sure win your heart. This place is an amalgamation of everything that one wants to indulge into.


 Boneless Chicken Legs – 180 gm
 Red, Yellow & Green Bell Pepper, Diced – 30 gm
 Onion, Diced – 5 gm
 Green chilli – 5 gm
 Spring onion – 5 gm
 Garlic chopped – 5 gm
 Aromat Powder – 5 gm
 Light soya – 5 ml
 Chinese wine – 5 ml
 Refined flour – 15 gm
 Corn flour – 15 gm
 Refined oil – 10 ml

1 Marinate the Chicken with Egg, Corn Flour, and Refined flour.
2 Add some Aromat Powder, Salt & Pepper.
3 Heat a wok, add some oil to fry the chicken till it is cooked.
4 Add vegetables stir fry and serve.


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