New Launch: Prerna’s Handcrafted Ice-cream


In a time when others were churning ice and pumping artificial colours in their ice creams, Prerna is a story born out of a regular curious mom who didn’t compromise on the quality and health of her kid and therefore stepped out to do something better. As a result, she ended up redefining the meaning of Ice-Cream by producing the purest form of Ice-creams, directly coming from her home kitchen. Using only the finest of the ingredients and without a pinch of any preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers or artificial flavours, the Ice cream brand has created a category of its own. We may call it a production born out of true care and passion to deliver the quality and taste for every Ice-Cream lover, so that everyone can eat Ice-creams guilt-free.

Prerna’s Ice-creams are made with low-fat cream, catering to different people with different tastes with a whole range of novel ice cream flavours such as Pure Coconut, Pure Litchi etc. It’s not just a frozen dessert; every bite will surely tickle your taste buds and leave you asking for more.

Created during lockdown, the Ice-Cream brand brings perfectly balanced flavours and true indulgence to a horizon with the launch of new delicious tubs, desserts and flavours every season which are absolutely Gluten-free. Different Ice cream flavours offered by her are:

  • Pure Almond Marzipan – A flavourful blend of finely ground almonds along with sugar and low-fat cream make this a one of a kind Marzipan ice cream.
  • Pure Coconut – Savor this heavenly match of pure coconut and low-fat cream to tantalize your taste buds. 
  • Pure Mango – Made with pure mango. 100% natural, made without preservatives, stabilizers, or emulsifiers
  • Pure Chocolate – Goodness of pure chocolate made with low fat cream makes this a decadent treat. 
  • Pure Vanilla with Assorted Nuts & Black Raisins – A vibrant and delectable combination of Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios & Black Raisins along with our creamy Vanilla. 
  • Pure Coffee – Now have your favorite coffee – Frozen. Our rich, scrumptious and creamy coffee ice cream is here to make your day brighter.
  • Pure Chocolate with Almonds – A blend of our creamy Pure Chocolate along with crunchy almonds sets the mood for a delicious celebration.
  • Pure Litchi – Fresh litchi mixed with low-fat cream makes this one of kind litchi ice cream.

Availability – Easy-to-access for consumers through premium super stores such as Nature’s Basket, Earth Organic Store, The Goodness Store, Gourmet Food Store, In & Out, Modern Bazar and Icihiba across India.


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