China Bistro launches its ‘Live Kitchen’


While we all are waiting for restaurants in Mumbai to make our weekends more chilled and
relaxed, China Bistro Live Kitchen brings you the culinary experience of intimate 15-25 people
gatherings. It’s a reinvented party catering format serving a Pan-Asian menu in a live and
interactive format churning out wholesome meals with fresh ingredients whether at residences,
weekend homes or at offices. The carefully planned offering is a mix of authentic Asian salads,
dim sums, baos, bowls and surprise condiments crafted with passion & precision. There are a
few phenomenal differentiating factors worth making a note of-

  1. It’s quick & hassle free to set up taking only 15 mins. They have one down to the details
    to analyze the number of steps it takes to get the food ready for guests.
  2. It is an informal & funky live station so very interactive and hence heightens the
    experience quotient by bringing a touch of theatre to your event. You can pick and
    choose your preferred add-ons of veggies, proteins, sauces, etc based on your
  3. Nothing beats seeing your favorite dishes being prepared live. After all pan to plate
    keeps food at its freshest and retains nutritional value. Ditch unhealthy & choose
    wholesome. Asian culture is unique for its approach that food is to create wellness. The
    China Bistro Live Kitchen Menu is a star for its nutritious and balanced properties as

much as it is tasty & fulfilling. The herbs & spices used not only give the dishes a rich
flavor but also packed with nutrients.

There is clearly an increased desire to compensate for outside dining and the market will only
boom for this reinvented format which is fast, casual, interactive, fresh and super-quick, live
cooking churning out meals that are engaging, wholesome and awesome value for money. They
are offering two packages at 1000 + Taxes and 1200 + Taxes per person. The format also
accommodates the guest preferences in case of food allergies, dietary / religious requirements
like Jain, Vegan or Low Calorie formats

Sanjay Vazirani, CMD at Foodlink stated, “China Bistro Live Kitchen will be a trend setter. We
have planned this concept with a lot of care to ensure a great customer experience with utmost
priority to safety protocols. Hygiene is in our DNA across all Foodlink verticals and we have
aligned all our offerings to the needs of the current times. ”
“We have formed an extensive SOP for Live Kitchen which outlines our sustainable approach of
using eco friendly bio-degradable cutlery and bowls, the safety precautions from sanitization to
chef’s gear, etc to seamlessly scale this across other cities other than Mumbai.”, adds
Chandrashekhar Rai, VP, Foodlink Restaurants ”

“We have reopened China Bistro Jubilee hills, Hyderabad for dine in guests since 15th Aug. In
Maharashtra, we await the government’s update on allowing dine-in”, Vazirani informed.


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