‘Silbuttah Story’ – New Restaurant Launch in Faridabad from The House of Berco


The legendary Pan-Asian restaurant, the house of Berco’s started a new venture “Silbuttah Story”, a Modern Indian Kitchen and Bar. This beautiful restaurant is based in Sector-12 Faridabad which brings you to delicious Regional Indian cuisine with a modern touch. Berco’s was established in 1982 and since then it has been a renowned name in the hospitality industry. The newly launched ‘Silbuttah Story’ is an Indian family restaurant that is especially known for North Indian and Modern Indian Cuisine. The name of the restaurant is inspired by the humble mortar pestle, household equipment that has been used by all regions in India. With the help of this equipment, the spices are blended to give you an authentic regional cuisine experience. Silbuttah has fine indoor and outdoor dining with the most soothing live music and great ambiance. 

The Head Chef who has worked at Bukhara is now working with Silbuttah Story and has curated a delicious menu taking your taste buds on a trip from Kashmir, Bengal, Maharastra to Kanyakumari. Some of the recommended dishes are Mutton Seekh Mozarella Pops, Chennai Chilli Prawn Fry, Kosha Mangsho With Lucchi & their Parsi Dairy Kulfi and some North Indian dishes like Chicken Tikka Lal Masala are great as starters and for the main course. They also have Silbuttah Dal Makhani, Handi Ghost and Silbuttah Mutton Biryani. The aroma of the sterling spices and ingredients are the indicators of the legitimacy of this North Indian Cuisine Restaurant. The food is prepared with the utmost care and hygiene and has a touch of creativity and artistry in the presentation and interior.

Silbuttah Story also serves the most exotic cocktail and mocktail drinks like Blended scotch whiskey, American and Irish whiskey, Beer and margarita and some refreshing mocktails are Mojito and Watermelon punch which is the most heated thing about the restaurant. Modern Indian Cocktails & Mocktails, their Scottish Biryani – Desi Version of penicillin is a sure winner. The Beverage menu was very closely curated by Shome Advani & Shravan Advani, The next generation from the House of Berco’s. It’s a most convenient restaurant as this gives the facility for table booking and available on home delivery apps like Zomato, Eazy Diner and Dine-out. The restaurant in Faridabad also provides free Wi-Fi to all its customers and is available for small parties and events like birthday, anniversary and kitty parties. 

Considering the time of the pandemic, Silbuttah Story is much forward in maintaining the important norms like fully sanitized kitchens, dining halls and doing regular temperature checks in small intervals. Presently in front of the house, we are adhering to the 4 feet distance rule between tables in our restaurant and also staggered entry and exit. The same is the case at the back of the house where everyone is keeping a safe distance. Online ordering and online payment will be the key for more sales contactless and focus on delivery and take-away. 

Kabir Advani, Managing Director of Berco’s and Silbuttah Story said; “We are more than happy and excited to launch our new restaurant ‘Silbuttah Story’ in Faridabad. This restaurant has a special and exclusive North Indian and Modern Indian menu which is designed keeping in mind the Indian taste buds. The food is fresh and prepared with the most authentic ingredients. The restaurant’s interior with good live music gives a friendly vibe to the ambiance which is most likable by the customer. The bar menu is a special add-on in our restaurant which has some most amazing and exclusive cocktails and mocktails. It’s very important to create an overall experience for a person walking inside a restaurant, the right kind of Cocktail with the right appetizer. This is what sets a good fine dine restaurant apart from the others. The Restaurant is open for all small occasions and events for the customers and also has very warm and professional staff to be served. We are following all the important guidelines of Covid-19 which are guided by the food ministry and have fully sanitized stuff and kitchens.” 


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