Heritage Foods launches immunity boosting Ashwagandha milk


After immunity boosting Ginger, Tulsi and Turmeric variants of milk, Heritage Foods launches ready to drink immunity booster Ashwagandha Milk loaded with Ayurveda properties.

Heritage Foods’ Ashwagandha Milk contains herbal extract Withania Somnifera blended with milk. Ashwagandha combined with milk is a centuries old Ayurveda remedy for numerous ailments. Ashwagandha is known for its variety of therapeutic activities and is one of the effective stress busters among Ayurveda Herbs, which ultimately boosts inner strength and immunity. It increases the vitality, combined with various anti-viral effects.

The sterilised Homogenised flavoured Toned Milk has a shelf life of 90 days and needs no refrigeration till it is open. It can be consumed warm or chilled as preferred. For better effect drinking warm milk is advisable with a microwave of up to 30 seconds.

Heritage Ashwagandha Milk is free from artificial preservatives and will be available at leading Modern Retail Stores, E-Commerce platforms, select standalone stores, Heritage Parlours and on Heritage TUCH App in an attractive170ml PP bottle priced at Rs. 30 per bottle.


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