Welcoming Winter with Berco’s Sizzler Festival


Berco’s is one of the most distinguished names in the culinary world as far as Chinese and Thai food is concerned. Since its inception in the year 1982, it has become a name to reckon with. They have been doing many international food festivals with Chinese and Thai cuisine. All their restaurants are designed by keeping in mind the look of a modern Chinese restaurant and all of these restaurants have been designed aesthetically with Chinese paintings adorning the walls. This multi-award-winning brand operates more than 40 outlets across India and it is one of the most loved brands in the Pan Asian Cuisine Sector. They believe in serving hearty meals with a friendly ambiance at an affordable price. Berco’s is one of the few Pan-Asian chains with the largest delivery radius in Delhi-NCR.

The Friendly Neighborhood, Berco’s is back with yet another festival from 5th December 2020 onwards which brings Sizzlers with the cold winter wind blazing over Delhi-NCR. Berco’s is one of the oldest and most loved Asian cuisine restaurants in the city. With a promise to have their sizzlers sizzling till the last morsel of the dish is wiped off the plate. This festival is all about enjoying this steaming hot and delicious offering with your loved ones. Sizzlers are hot meals on a Platter that delight everyone. Exotic Asian sauces have been used to uplift these sizzlers. These sizzlers are surely going to leave your taste buds blazing. The highlight of the festival includes Bercos chilli chicken sizzler, Golden fried fish sizzler, Emperor favourite spicy chicken steak sizzler and Veggie delight sizzler.

Mr. Kabir Advani, Managing Director of Berco’s Chain of Restaurants says; “As a Thai and Chinese Brand, we want to keep delighting our guests by offering them something new every season. Asian Sizzlers aren’t very common and we want the customer to be able to enjoy authentic Asian Flavours in a sizzler format. We are very excited to announce our own Sizzler’s festival.

Chef Sujit Bose, Corporate Chef at Berco’s Chain of Restaurants says “These sizzlers are the right balance of Protein, Carbohydrates and Vitamins. Every portion is served with a side of rice or noodles. Come and enjoy this winter season with the Berco’s sizzler festival. Each sizzler is a complete meal in itself and enough for a couple.


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