Myprotein introduces a healthy breakfast staple for the Indian households


Myprotein, the world’s leading sports and nutrition brand, renowned for its wide range of vitamin and protein supplements, healthy snacks, sports accessories and clothing has now launched a a healthy breakfast staple.

This ready to make breakfast, made using Soy Protein Isolate, each container contributes 26g of muscle-building protein to your family meal, serving up to eight dosas of about 35g each, with no sugar whatsoever.
Involving minimal prep, even a novice in the kitchen can whip up perfectly crisp delicious golden dosas within minutes by simply following the suggested instructions: 
• Mix the contents of the pack with 320ml water and stir to a smooth batter
• Lightly grease a hot flat non-stick pan or tava with coconut oil
• Pour 75ml (about one-eighth) batter in the centre of the hot pan and spread it outward in circles to get a thin dosa of around 20cm in diameter
• Sprinkle a few drops of coconut oil all over the dosa and fry till golden brown
• Fold and remove, and it is ready to serve!


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