Raw Pressery Launches Nut Milk

  • Owing to India’s large vegetarian population and growing vegan population, plant-based milks and other drinks are becoming more popular
  • Last year saw the release of nine new non-dairy products, while 2015 saw 13 new releases
  • The main reasons people are switching to nut milk from traditional dairy products include: lactose intolerance, veganism and health benefits
  • Lactose free products are seeing over 30% month-on-month growth (Times Of India, March 2017)
  • Xcode Life Sciences that offers testing for lactose intolerance amongst adults found that over 75% of patients were diagnosed intolerant and post detection have been consuming lactose-free milk (Times Of India, March 2017)
  • People increasingly opting to make nut milk at home as its cheaper and guarantees pure nut milk


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