Oktoberfest at Mostly Grills, The Orchid Mumbai


Mostly Grills at The Orchid Mumbai was kind enough to invite Food+ to celebrate Oktoberfest with them. We went along not knowing what to expect. The moment we entered the restaurant the first thing to hit you is the huge façade announcing the fest. There are life-size cut outs of men and women in Bavarian dresses waiting for you to pop your face in and take a picture. That’s what we did as well. It was quite a busy atmosphere. Light, decorations, settings made up to resemble the authentic look and feel. There was a band singing songs, a mix of English pop numbers and Bavarian music which I personally liked. The staff was dressed in typical Bavarian costumes and it added to the entire ambience and created a feeling of being away from Mumbai in Mumbai.

This was my first trip to Mostly Grills and I wonder how I missed this spot earlier! The restaurant is set on a roof top with an amazing close up view of the airport. I can just imagine myself there, more often, sitting with an evening drink, watching the planes land and take off, while I do my writing under the stars. The other side is a huge swimming pool which usually remains closed at nights.

The staff was quite friendly and we were greeted with a ‘Namastey’ right from the valet, lobby to the restaurant. We found an empty space at the barandsettled in. The bar was lined up with various beers from across the globe along with its description and details.

I spoke to the manager, Venkat, who explained about the beer, its origin and quality. Quite some learning there! We also met the Chef, who spoke about the food on the menu.

The beers were good, we sipped and tasted 10 varieties, but Corona still remains my favourite in beers. We then moved to our reserved table and the food arrived. We tried the Chicken Cordenbleu with Sauerkra (Chicken breast stuffed with sausage and cheese) and Curry Wurst with French fries (German Sausages cut into strips and tossed with spicy curry powder). For dessert we had the Apple cake with cream cheese frosting and the yummy Lemon sponge cake. There is also a good spread for the vegetarians.  I loved the German potato delight (traditional German potato salad). Give it a try!

It was a lively atmosphere with people happy chatting away and enjoying their meals. Chef Vidita couldn’t resist the temptation to dance and was grooving to the music.

It was time to say goodbyes with a promise to return again. Soon!

The fest is on till 22nd October so there’s enough time to experience an authentic Bavarian fest in Mumbai.

For enquiries please contact  +91 22 2616 4000 or +91 98 1979 0861


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