Going the Water Way


Dheeraj Bhandari shares some refreshing and healing water spa recipes that can be easily concocted in your kitchen

Much has been written about the healing properties of that colorless, odorless compound of hydrogen and oxygen, that we can’t do without – yes, water, of course! It’s relevance in our life is often overlooked but with it comprising more than 70% of the earth’s surface and 80% of our body, need any more be said about how crucial it is to our existence?

Hydrotherapy is the external or internal use of water in any of its forms (water, ice, steam) for treating various conditions like high temperature, blood pressure, weight and eye problems etc.

A spa treatment, jacuzzi, or even a simple warm water bath is water therapy for the outer body but there are water spas you can easily do at home to detox yourself from the inside too.

Start your day with healthy sips of spa water which is basically water infused with fruits, vegetables or herbs. Apart from refreshing and hydrating the body, they provide extra vitamins and minerals and also help in controlling blood pressure. Research has proved that a well hydrated person has increased concentration and productivity. An added advantage is that you can prepare a jugful in the morning and sip it through the day. Winters in India last for about three months with children and the elderly tending to fall sick. Try and replace sugary drinks like tea or coffee for them with spa waters and see the difference.

Here are some spa water recipes for the winter season using warming and seasonal ingredients like apple, cloves, beetroot and saffron.



● 10 almonds

● Few threads of saffron

● 1 jug of drinking water


Place whole almonds and saffron threads in a the water pitcher. Allow flavours to blend for at least 10 hours in the refrigerator before serving.

Almond and saffron are warm in nature, perfect for a winter afternoon.



● Few beetroot slices

● 10 to 12 coriander leaves

● 1 jug of drinking water


Skin the beetroot and cut in slices.

Put the beetroot and coriander in a jar and add water.

Allow flavours to blend at least two hours.

Beetroot is one vegetable that most people find unattractive and uninspiring and it usually ends up either boiled in broth or raw as a salad, so here is another way to use the humble but power packed beet.



● 1 large apple, sliced into wedges

● 4 cloves

● Carrot ribbons

● Few Lemon slices

● 1 Jug drinking water


Put all the ingredients in the jug of water.

Allow the flavors to blend for at least two hours before serving.

Carrots and apples are seasonal vegetables and flavorful cloves are warm in nature and protect our body from coughs and colds.

Dheeraj Bhandari is a passionate chef, TV show host, food stylist and blogger. He is currently Executive Sous chef at MOSAIC Hotel, Mussoorie

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