Unwrap the excitement of Christmas with alluring gifting options by Teabox


With the onset of winters, the Yuletide spirit is upon us. Signaling the arrival of cheer and festivities, it is the season to revel with family, friends and make lasting memories. This year, spread the joy of Christmas with thoughtful and elegant gifts from Teabox. If you are wondering what to get your pickiest pals, your hard-to-please siblings, or something classic for your parents –  what could possibly be  better than some steaming goodness of wholesome tea by Teabox, India’s luxury premium tea brand.

Teabox has curated a fine selection of fresh, warm flavours for the holiday season that includes their cherished Caramel Spice Chai, Assam Breakfast Black Tea & English Breakfast Tea. You also have the option to go the extra mile to please your loved ones by gifting them the signature collection of alcohol flavoured (yet, completely non-alcoholic) exquisite blends from Teabox like the classic Mulled Wine Tea, the luscious Rum & Raisin Tea and the delightful Champer’s Holiday, which is inspired by Champagne.  

Here is quick guide to find your perfect gifting ensemble this holiday season:

Mulled Wine  Tea

A perfect Christmas treat, it is made using all-natural red wine flavoring which releases an evocative aroma of a dark red wine and dry fruits. It’s a dense, sturdy tea, tipped with the personality of a good port. This classic is a perfect holiday sip to warm you up with its sweet red wine flavor and aroma.

₹ 899

Rum & Raisin Tea

A tea made for celebrations! Sweet, full-flavored, and brims with luscious notes of dark rum, black raisins, and dry dates – that’s our Rum & Raisin in a cup. It is superbly rounded and smooth, hooking your senses right from the first sip. Drink it hot or make it a part of one of your winter cocktails.

₹ 899

Champer’s Holiday

A season of glitter, shimmer, and everything that sparkles alongside beautifully decorated trees with silver, red, and gold. Throw on some warm clothes these cold nights and try our Champagne -inspired tea. Zero-alcohol Champer’s Holiday is perfected to the quality and elegance of real Champagne with the most excellent Darjeeling White Tea base slowly infused with natural Champagne flavour and topped with a white apple flavour that gives a hint of sweetness.

₹ 899

Caramel Spice Chai

A celebration’s not complete until you’ve had some delectable dessert. This brisk chai is made exclusively for grand festivities and celebrations. Caramel and cinnamon fills the cup, making it truly jubilant with its pleasant sweetness and lending the liquor a creamy texture. The warmth and subtle aroma of cinnamon can be traced around the edges which makes the experience lively ending in a soft note of butterscotch. Revel in the flavours of this hearty drink and liven up the festivities.

₹ 999

So, come all ye faithful and begin the festivities with Teabox. Gift these curated teas to your loved ones and feel the true joy of giving. Merry Sipping!

For more information, you can visit:  https://in.teabox.com/  


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