The Baker’s Dozen unveils its #TBDSecretSanta Christmas Collection 2020 and it’s all things delicious!


Handcrafted to perfection by Chef Aditi Handa, The Baker’s Dozen brings to you it’s all new #TBDSecretSanta Christmas Collection 2020

Known across the country for its exquisite bakery product range, The Baker’s Dozen is proud to have earned the status of your neighbourhood artisan bakery brand. TBD has always been synonymous with high quality, freshly baked, authentic european breads, homemade dips, and healthy snacks. However, the brand is now also advancing its roots in the need-based products range to meet individual preferences across the spectrum.

Bringing joy to every household and overcoming the fear of the pandemic, TBD brings to you a chance to celebrate this Christmas in the comfort of your own home. Introducing five new bakes as part of its Christmas collection, TBD aims to serve you the sweetness of the festival on a platter. The brand also went an extra mile to infuse the magic of Christmas in the packaging of its treats by using vibrant, joyous colors and cheerful visuals that tell you a story – a story of Christmas, a story of festivity – all while taking supreme hygiene care.

“Christmas holds a special place in everyone’s hearts. This season brings abundance and joy, so does the process of baking special Christmas goodies. The soaking of the plum, the roasting of the dry fruits, the mixing of luscious batters that smell divine even before they’re placed in the oven, and the sprinkling of tiny bits of Christmas spirit onto them – all of it is an experience that makes one feel euphoric.   This year at TBD we decided to have some fun and add a few goodies to our all-new Christmas menu. We also have in-store Christmas hampers and an interesting secret puzzle for our customers that will win them more of our Christmas delicacies.” mentions Aditi, Head Baker and Co-Founder of The Baker’s Dozen.

The #TBDSecretSanta Christmas Collection includes:

The Gingerbread Man Cookie (INR 200): Bigger and better than the usual gingerbread man cookies, these eggless, crunchy gingerbread man cookies make for a fun Christmas treat!

The Signature Plum Cake (INR 450): The fruits are soaked in alcohol & spices for 5 months to develop the deep intense flavor of an authentic Christmas plum cake.

The Signature Plum Cake (Eggless) (INR 250): This is a unique eggless plum cake that is prepared just like the signature plum cake. The fruits are soaked in alcohol & spices for 5 months to develop the deep intense plum cake flavor.

Christmas Fruit Bread (INR 200): Made with a traditional Christmas recipe, this beautifully braided bread is rolled in a juicy blueberry compote

Christmas Shortbread Cookies (INR 300): The Scottish shortbread cookies made with real butter and in the fun shapes of Christmas such as bells, snowflakes, Christmas tree and Santa make it perfect for gifting.

The much-loved bakery brand is also offering Customizable Christmas hampers as low as INR 899, available at all TBD stores and online + offline retail stores.

Also, to add a fun twist to the Christmas sentiment, TBD has an interesting game planned for customers. All you have to do is buy lots of their treats that will each have a piece of a Christmassy puzzle. Collect these pieces to solve the puzzle and that will get you the chance to win a 100 cookie boxes! So grab your treats from TBD, collect the puzzle pieces and put them together for the exciting prize!


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