New Eatery In The City: Cloud Kitchen Sabir Bhai’s Launched To Serve Authentic Muslim Cuisine


Located in Andheri, this special delivery kitchen saw the light of the day during the lockdown when eating outside food was a far-fetched dream for gourmands. With an in-house delivery structure as well as delivery partners Swiggy and Zomato, it brings to your plate the glorious flavors of kebabs, tikkas and everything appetizing from the streets of Mohammad Ali Road while also following safety and hygiene standards to perfection.

Sabir Bhai’s menu includes signature dishes from the magnificent Muslim culinary space like Mutton Khichda, Mutton Nalli Nihaari, Veg Baghaara Chaawal, and the famous meat and rice delicacy that has its roots going back to the Mughal era – Biryani. They also offer the option of ordering and experiencing a daawat for a small group of 4 people. Usually, daawats are for 8 people or more, however, Sabir Bhai customized the portion sizes of his daawat dishes to suit the needs of smaller families or gatherings.

The establishment of this cloud kitchen involved two main ideas –

1. Taking authentic traditional Muslim cuisine outside the periphery of Mohammad Ali road to every part of the city, making it available through the year to everyone as opposed to just the Holy month of Ramzan.

2. Empowering Sanaullah Khan, a street vendor who was left with no sustainable income during the lockdown despite his long-drawn, noteworthy experience and expertise in traditional cooking.

Rich in flavors and spices, the food that the city always looked forward to savouring in Ramzan, will now be available anywhere and anytime the heart craves for it. The main USP of this special cloud kitchen is bringing the food you love, to your doorstep.


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